Bronze Grave Markers Specialists In Toronto Ontario Canada, Over 25 Years Experience For Bronze Markers

Casket Outlet Monument products make your bronze grave marker stand out in cemetery. Our customers have trusted Casket Outlet Monument for more than 25 years to identify and recognize their most important people. Whether you need bronze markers, memorial plaques, custom photo bronze markers or unique sculpted image bronze memorial markers, Casket Outlet Monument has the expertise and commitment to get the job done.

Bronze Grave Markers Producing

Bronze Grave Markers, Bronze Markers Producing

Bronze Grave Markers Workshop

Bronze Grave Markers Workshop

Our Bronze Markers

Bronze grave markers offer flexibility to design a memorial bronze marker from the base up. Base and Flat relief emblems can be added to make a unique cemetery bronze grave marker.

Our Products:

bronze grave marker, bronze marker

Bronze Grave Markers Prices

Size: Granite Base No Vase With Vase
16" x 10" 20" x 14" x 4" $1500 N/A
18" x 9" 22" x 13" x 4" $1520 N/A
20" x 12" 24" x 16" x 4" $1700 N/A
22" x 10" 26" x 14" x 4" $1700 $2080
24" x 12" 28" x 16" x 4" $2050 $2430
24" x 14" 28" x 18" x 4" $2150 $2530
24" x 18" 28" x 22" x 4" $2300 $2680
24" x 30" 28" x 34" x 4" $3040 $3420
32" x 13" 36" x 17" x 4" $2900 $3280
36" x 13" 40" x 17" x 4" $3000 $3380
44" x 13" 48" x 17" x 4" $3200 $3580
44" x 14" 48" x 18" x 4" $3300 $3680


  1. We contact the cemetery to ensure your bronze grave marker meets their requirements
  2. We'll even complete the necessary cemetery paperwork for you - no extra charge
  3. The bronze marker will be personalized to your specifications
  4. You will receive a layout showing the design, lettering & dates - we won't proceed until you approve it
  5. Production lead time is 6-12 weeks once cemetery & customer approval is obtained.

What You Get For Bronze Marker

Your order details are verified with the cemetery before shipment

  • Engraved name, date of birth, date of death and some inscription on bronze marker
  • 3 emblems designs for bronze grave markers (choose from our catalog)
  • In any language for bronze grave markers
  • Canadian granite marker base


 Step 1  -  Select size of bronze marker, and vase if customer need it

bronze grave markers size

 Step 2  - Select bronze background color and border style

bronze grave markers background colors

bronze grave markers border

 Step 3  - Select emblem from our catalog

 Step 4  - Send all the information to Casket Outlet Monument "by email" or "order online", the customer service will contact with you once you make the order, and then Our designer will make the layout for you (we won't proceed until you approve it)

Single and Companion Bronze Markers

single bronze grave markers,double bronze markers

Single Bronze Grave Marker and Companion Bronze Grave Marker, Depend on the size of the cemetery grave and obtain cemetery requiring

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Fully Integrated Images Bronze Markers

Image Bronze Grave Markers

The Fully Integrated Images Bronze Marker is an individual casting that incorporates a number of images provided to make a custom design plaque and background

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Single Image with Background View Bronze Markers

Single Image Bronze Grave Markers

The Single Image with Background View Bronze Marker is an individual casting that incorporates a portrait, inscription and standard background chosen from leather, beach or country.

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